Utilities Change

Here are the phone numbers and web links to cancel or to set up your utilities in the city of Seattle (call for phone service first, it is the hardest to obtain). If you are selling your house and the escrow company is handling the lien-able utilities (water, sewer and gas) make sure you still call the utility company for the disconnect request.

Phone/DSL: Century Link

Water, Sewer, Garbage, and Power: City of Seattle Utilities: 206.684.5900
Read the water meter on the day of service change and call the city with the reading. The water meter it typically on the parking strip in front of the house in a metal box flush with the ground. The meter has a flat brass lid that covers the meter dial.

Gas: Puget Sound Energy: 800.321.4123

Cable TV/Internet: Comcast Cable Company 877.824.2288

Car Licensing: Washington State Department of Licensing