Why You Should Have A Home Inspection

As a prospective homebuyer are you sophisticated in identifying problem areas in and around your potential new home? Most of us are not knowledgeable in identifying potential problem areas. You are in the process of making a very large investment, perhaps the biggest investment you'll ever make. For just a small investment now in a professional home inspection you may save substantial money and heartaches in the future. Can you afford to not have a professional home inspector check out the premises for the integrity of the internal and external components of the dwelling and any other structures on your future property?

Here are some of the areas professional home inspectors look at:

STRUCTURAL:                      Many home inspection organizations have set standards on certain areas of the home that a home inspector will look at to determine the integrity of the essential internal and external structural components.  Home inspectors are generally not structural engineers but they can identify visual defects in these areas that might require immediate repairs.

ELECTRICAL:                        Do the outlets all work? Does the house use fuses or is there a breaker box? Are there any visible signs of fraying on the wiring? Is the service adequate for the house? While home inspectors are generally not electricians, they are trained to point out problems in these areas.

PLUMBING:                         Are there any leaks or potential problems? Are all the systems and fixtures working properly? Has any of the plumbing been updated?

HEATING:                             What is the nature and condition of the heating system for the home? Is the system all of one kind or are several types of heating systems employed to heat the home? And what is the condition of the heating system.  Are there any dangers you should be aware of?

APPLIANCES:                       Are the appliances listed on the purchase and sale agreement in good working order?

SAFETY HAZARDS: Home inspectors are generally not environmental specialists, but they can often identify different situations that warrant further investigation. Many general safety hazards or dangerous conditions can often be identified by your home inspector.

MISCELLANEOUS:               Other items may or may not be included in a standard home inspection. Some of these may be: septic systems, drainage problems, patios, or exterior structures. It is always a good idea to be clear with whomever you hire as to what is and is not being inspected.

NOT INCLUDED:                  Geological or land subsidence surveys, general land/boundary surveys, or environmental and pollution inspections. These types of inspections are generally above and beyond a standard home inspection and should be completed separately for your own protection.

Home inspectors provide a unique customer service in identifying existing problems should there be any. There are many home Inspection companies to choose from. Attached is a list of a few inspection firms in our area that you may want to contact.

We recommend you, always obtain a general home inspection as well as any surveys and inspections in specialized areas beyond the scope of the general home inspection.

Please acknowledge our recommendation for you to obtain an independent home inspection.


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Real Estate Inspectors


The following is a list of home inspectors that our past clients have been pleased with. There are many more inspection firms and inspectors listed in the yellow pages. Also it is possible that a member of your family, or one of your friends or co-workers, has recently purchased a property and hired an inspector they were pleased with. The inspector you use is your choice and it is a good idea to call around when you select one. Each inspector has his or her own qualifications, style, report format, time frame and fee structure. When you call around ask questions so you know what you can expect in the way of service, fees, time frames, and follow-up from the inspector you select.

We are unaware of any inspection firm or inspector that will give you a warranty on an inspection. This could be one of the questions you ask when you call around.

At The Landmark Group we believe each buyer should interview and choose his or her inspector and be as much a part of the inspection process as possible. It is highly recommended that you, as the buyer, attend the inspection you schedule.

This list is provided for the buyer's convenience only.


MIKE SEYBOLOT (Seyboldt Home Services)                                                   788-4279

DONALD LAWN (The Home Report)                                                                 285-7227              713-1043

TERRY PEACOCK (Peacock Home Inspections)                                              367-6566

BOB BODENSTEINER (Engineer)                                                                                        

DON SOLVANG (Engineer)                                                                                643-9680

RAJ HAYDEN (Cardinal Home Inspections)                                                       767-7757              768-9514

SEAN QUINN (Barrier Inspections)                                                                    364-5495

GEORGE GUUMANN (Sound Home Inspections)                                             522-0282

MICHAEL WYMAN (Amerispec)                                                                         820-6786

UDELL FRESK (Criterium-Caviezel Engineers)                                                  542-1505              526-1401


The following are lists of real estate or home related service providers that our past clients have been pleased with. As with inspectors, there are many more service providers such as these listed in the yellow pages or advertising In local newspapers. Again it's possible that a member of your family. or one of your friends or co-workers, knows of a service provider they were pleased with that would suit your needs.


Pest Inspectors

DENNIS KLEIBER (All Star Pest Control)                                                          788-4927              799-8836

STEVE ABRAMAVAGE (Terminators Pest Control)                                          547-4510              823-8351


Oil Tanks

CASEY GREEN or BRUCE FISHER (P.S.C.I.)                                                  488-6727              499-1424

TOM ANDERSON (Fuel Tank Installation Co. Inc)                                            244-8020

(A and H)                                                                                                            365-0291              364-0707



WALLY NOVAK (Residential Renovations)                                                       283-7931

TOM BENTLER (C.R.J. Roofing & Construction)                                              850-1507              323-4749

MICHAEL LOWRIMORE (C.R.J. Roofing & Construction)                                850-1507              323-5400

GREG MORK (Northwest Roofing & Siding)                                                     782-5370              363-5740

JOSH WOZNIAK (Landscaping, Hauling, painting1 odd jobs w/ truck)             328-0332

KIM KIRKENDALL (K & K Building)                                                                   776-2472

PATRICK PITCHER (Pitcher Painting)                                                              524-9509

GARY MILICI (Retro Fitters)                                                                              522-0642

MARINKO KORDICH or BETH-ANNE LYE (A & M Masonry)                           723-2102

TED BODEN (Pool motors and furnaces)                                                          425-774-8574      369-5248              680-7570



Blue Sky Lab                                                                                                      721-BLUE

Lauck's Water Testing                                                                                        767-5060